Well, you did it. You found me. That’s it, pal. You just discovered your Very Own Jordan. (And that’s Leigh, like Lee, not like Sleigh, people.)

I was definitely that kid who always raised his hand in class to read, and I’ve been acting ever since they told me it was an option. (I’ve posted proof in the photos section in case you think I’m lying.) And now, I currently reside in paradise. –Known to others as Denver, Colorado. And yes, folks… I DO make my entire living here as an actor. No Table-Waiting. No Nanny-ing. No Hollywood Shmooze-Fest. Just doin’ what I do without doin’ it where others do. How’s that do ya?!

So please peruse my site. You’ll find it easy, entertaining, informative, and full of me (full of me?). Why else would it be my website?? Everything you need to know about the actor, Jordan Leigh can be found here. If you’re looking for information regarding the person, Jordan Leigh, well… perhaps we can arrange something over coffee and a fritter…

Your interest is much appreciated.

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Info: Kathleen Ham | www.Donnabaldwin.com | 303-561-1199