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August 06, 2020

Yo! It's time to pre-order your copy (or viewing) of the

Colorado-based film, ROOK that I co-star in as James the Minnow! It's available on August 11th on iTunes for streaming and on Amazon for DVD and Blu-Ray purchase. Other streaming platforms to come later. If you like Guy Ritchie and Tarantino, this'll be right up your alley! Check out the film site by clicking below! #FilmInColorado

July 28, 2020

Check out Water, Water Everywhere, the new documentary I narrated for PBS about all the really significant water issues on the Colorado River and what they're doing to hopefully solve the problems. Directed and produced by award-winning documentarian filmmaker, Len Aitken.

March 09, 2020

Teaser trailer is out for the film, ROOK. I play the part of James the Minnow. Watch for the maniacal priest. It's hard to miss!

The Reviews Are In!

March 04, 2020

"Walking the tightrope of sly intellect and wry humor, Jordan Leigh nails the role of Albert Einstein with a performance that’s indelible!"

-David Marlowe (Marlowe's Musings)

"Leigh gives an outstanding, truly brilliant performance as Einstein, owning the show. Everything about his performance cries out "lively and authentic..." -Patrick Dorn (Denver Area Theatre Reviews)

"Leigh's Einstein exudes the avuncular warmth, simplicity, and directness for which the elder Einstein was known..."

   -Bob Bows (

February 21, 2020

That's right! I'm gonna get to embody one of the most iconic (and challenging) characters in history!

SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE and Other Songs (by Marc Acito!) is a beautiful play about the true story friendship between Albert Einstein and opera singer, Marian Anderson. (Click link for synopsis and tix!) I had the privilege of working earlier in 2019 at the new AURORA FOX ARTS CENTER, and I couldn't be more thrilled to be performing there again in this amazing role!

Gutter Punk at its gutter punkiest...

May 09, 2019

Got to transform into Randy, a gutter-punk sage for the short film, Wayward Son, shot in New Mexico. *Note that my "Daisy" forehead tattoo is the name of my dear old 16 year-old pup. (It helps to personalize.)

March 06, 2019

Not that an actor should ever read reviews, but....

February 15, 2019

So excited to be co-starring in this run of Aaron Posner's, fantastically funny and poignant play, LIFE SUCKS, running for four weeks from 2/21-3/17 at the Aurora Fox Arts Center, in Aurora, CO.

From the press release: "This brash and revelatory reworking of “Uncle Vanya” finds a group of old friends, ex-lovers, estranged in-laws and lifelong enemies gathering to grapple with life’s thorniest questions… and each other. What could possibly go wrong? Called “sassy yet heartfelt” by The Washington Post and “altogether wise, profoundly humane and hilarious” by the Chicago Sun Times, this is not any Chekov you know. Never has unhappiness been so much fun."

November 30, 2018

Super stoked to announce the release of the Rock n' Roll film I co-starred in,

STADIUM ANTHEMS! Click on the link to take you directly to Amazon to stream instantly (for a like, ya know, a nominal streaming fee.) Also screening for a week at the Arena Cinelounge in Los Angeles beginning November 30th! 

November 01, 2018

Had a blast (literally) shooting the indie feature film, ROOK. Written and directed by an all-Colorado team and starring almost entirely an all-Colorado cast, the film is billed as a "modern day western". Once again, I play a maniacal character, (James the Minnow). But THESE are the FUN roles, people!! Shot in Victor and Cripple Creek, Colorado over the course of two weeks, the producers are planning a spring 2019 premiere! Keep you posted!

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