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"Jordan Leigh as Black Stache, in a swing-to-the-fences performance, steals nearly every scene  with delicious bravado."         

"Leigh achieves demented heights spoofing Mandy Patinkin, and although he might be making merry, his voice is no joke."  
  -Lisa Kennedy, DENVER POST

"Leigh is one of the best performers I have ever seen, in Colorado or New York or anywhere- and to be able to see a performer of that caliber sing songs of
that greatness is insane and rare and glorious."    
                                                                                        -Kelly McAllister, GET YOUR THEATRE ON

"Here, Jordan Leigh- Inventive as always, in face and body language, conjurs an acerbic and deadpan insouciance that effectively plays against hecht's incisive, jolting social commentary."   -DENVER POST

"The truth-saying fool in this mix is the man of a thousand
faces, Jordan Leigh, who fits Sonny like a glove."

Vanya’s got nothing, and as that realization sinks in, Leigh does a masterful
job making the character shrink and crumple before our eyes.At one point, Vanya
himself (a delightfully whacked-out and ill-dressed Jordan Leigh) practically sits
in the laps of the people in the front row, laying out his multitudinous laments
so convincingly that you kind of want to buy the guy a beer (although he’s
already drinking too much).           

"As Floyd, Jordan Leigh is a revelation- charming, infuriating, and sad. Watching him in a scene, or singing,
is a treat- a master class in style,
grace, and agility."  
                                                                                                 -Kelly McAllister, GET YOUR THEATRE ON
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