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First ever blog post starts with a double rupture...

Tomorrow's solar eclipse aint got nothin' on me... Yesterday, the 19th of August (Ka-Tet of 19, do it please ya, for Dark Tower fans), in the midst of doing some menial in-between-acting-jobs, this 45 year-old "Accident Going Somewhere to Happen" (as my pappy used to call me), managed to become part of medical history (or so my ER docs posited) as one of only two cases of someone rupturing BOTH Achilles tendons successively. Apparently, even simultaneous bi-lateral ruptures are extremely rare, (ya know, say, a skier or gymnast landing on both feet from a jump at the same time and having both tendons go). but my wonder-rups occurred within seconds of each other.

It is possible that there could be other underlying factors that have led up to this, but until I jaw with the surgeon in the next day or so, I can't cross-check all the glorious info I've come across online. I guess that all remains to be seen. As does the decision regarding surgery vs non-surgery for healing up this mess. Tragically (for my finances and for my ongoing attempt to call myself a professional actor), it would appear that regardless of which way I go, it is unlikely my legs will be healed up sufficiently to be in the show I was scheduled to be in at the Denver Center. Alas... it was a six month contract, and would have provided me health insurance for a good while. Now instead, I will be forced into re-examining my options for life and livelihood. Thus... finally beginning a blog. I'd been batting around the idea of constructing some kind of one-dude show for a while (for which this could be the future fodder). Hell, I've been batting around multiple ideas about multiple life choices pretty incessantly for years now. I just never do much about it. With the random extreme of this scenario I've been cast in, perhaps it's now or never to do something different with my approach to this journey. Ever since New Mexico has proven to be pretty dismal by way of acting opportunities (that's a separate blog post to be sure), I have placed myself in a position to view my storyline with a whole lot of 20/20 hindsight vision. And I suppose, like most choices seen through the eyes of retrospect, many of my choices seem... short-sighted (pun intended). Alas... I get that there's not much point in regret during our short time here. I also get that almost everything is relative in a world of perceived 'me n you' (I am a practicing Buddhist, so transcending Duality is a big thing for me). And yet, we all live in this world of relativity, and in relative terms, I wish I'd made a lot of different choices at this point. And yet... I will do what I can to focus instead on the choices I've made that have led to positive outcomes for myself and others as often as I can, while trying to focus on the choices yet to come. I've never been much of a self-starter. I tend to thrive on collaboration. But if ever I've faced a moment in my life to start something, it must be during a time where I'm cursed enough to have become a medical anomaly, while simultaneously becoming a comparative medical blessing in that I will experience the physical challenges of a temporary paraplegic. If this aint the stuff of stories, I don't know what is...


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